Our vision:
To be a growing community that embodies the culture of heart.

Our mission:
To provide provide transformative True Love education for families in the Westchester, Rockland, and Orange County areas,
empowering them to build healthy loving God centered families.

Be part of our community
We strive to be a family of like-minded individuals, desiring peace, happiness, and unity. Our outlook is joyful and hopeful, seeking unity in the family, in society, throughout our nation, and the world.

In our teaching, we consider the family the “School of love”. As we grow from being children to adults, we are should naturally learn how to be a wholesome and complete human being from our relationships in our family. Our first experience of the love of God was meant to come from our parents, the sacrificial love that parents have for their children. We learn to relate to all kinds of people by being in loving relationships with our siblings, parents and grandparents, and it is through this nurturing environment that we learn to care for others.

The family is, according to God’s original design, the source of joy and life for all human beings. It is the starting point from which we create healthy individuals and healthy societies, ultimately creating a healthy and peaceful world.

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Are you interested in volunteering to help with our Sunday Services? We are always looking for more volunteers to help with ushering, audio & video, guest sermons, and musical offerings.

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AV Support for Belvedere Events

If you or your organization are planning an event at Belvedere, we can usually supply Audio Visual support if we have advanced notice.
Reserving use of the meeting hall must be done through the Belvedere Property management (Michael Chapman), but the AV equipment is managed through the BFC AV Coordinator (Charles Patterson). Please see the page for information on our AV services.

AV Support at Belvedere
If you are planning an event at Belvedere and would like Audio Visual or technical support, please see the section below or visit

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This Sunday: A look at the history of Belvedere Training Center

This Sunday, 12/31/23, We will hear about some of the history of the Belvedere Training Center with some special photos and some great stories from the early days even before the property was purchased by the Unification Church, up to the present.  The main service will be shorter than usual, as we will then follow with some community cleaning projects around the building.

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Keep in touch!

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