We hope you had a wonderful summer with your friends and family. From this month, BFC council wants to share what’s going on in our community. Please see our news post about the BCSF that includes interviews with Yiru Sugihara, Isaac Jones, and Yasu Yukawa.

Small Group Awareness Month

We’d like to ask you a big favour.  Could you give us the information about your activities, events, small group, and etc., if you are part of it?  We really want to recognize your existence, know what you are doing and  let other people know wonderful things you are doing. Imagine that there are people who feel frustrated, left out, or disconnected because they just can’t find support they need, likely minded people, or share joy and friendship. This is the effort to provide information for our community to connect to one another.

Please contact Kimiyo Matthews at kimiymatthews@gmail.com

We need

  • Name of Group (Event/activities)
  • Description of Group (Event/activities)
  • Name(s) of person who are in charge
  • Contact information (email and/or phone number)
  • Schedule

Council Schedule

Upcoming Meetings (Location: the White House)

  • September 23rd from 9 am to 11 pm
  • October 21st from 9 am to 11 pm (tentative)

Council Retreat

  • September 29th to 30th at Stony Point Center

We’re looking forward to sharing the experiences in Council Retreat in next council newsletter!

Note for visitors: If you have questions, feedback, or interest in attending one of council meetings, please contact us at council@belvederefamily.com.