Hey Belvedere Community!
Gambia MapThis summer a group of young volunteers from all over the world, including myself, are planning to go to Africa and support The Gambia Project. This is an organization which travels to The Gambia in Africa to preform various service projects.

In the past some projects were trash clean up campaigns, character education and some contributions toward community needs.  The Gambia Project works alongside the organizations Service for Peace in The Gambia and Side-by-Side Organization. These programs are all non-profit.

This is an amazing opportunity to engage in a new and different culture and to better understand their everyday lives including their struggles and joys.

I am trying to pay for my plane ticket and any amount of donations would be very helpful!
Please click to go my GoFundMe page!
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Gwendolin Learey raising funds to go to Gambia

Thank you so much for your help and support!

– Gwen