Inspiration from Kent T:

Town to Town

It’s been a lot of years
Since I wandered town to town
And it’s time to think again
Of when the world was upside down

Most a decade in the dust
Blowing round and round
I just longed to be a seed
To put roots into the ground

We were on the outside looking in
Was that it, or was it more
Like we were invisible
Until we knocked upon a door

Do you recall how we would try
To say much – in little time?
Our sweat and smiles spoke for us
Our life, a pantomime

It’s your smiles that I remember
They appear before me now
And how you used to laugh so much
I’d love to know why and how

The why and how is important
And sometimes when I’m feeling down
I know one sure way to find my God
That’s to wander town to town