Dear Belvedere Family!

The 2018-2109 BFC Council has had our first few meetings in order to assign roles and responsibilities and how we can best serve you, the Belvedere Family Community. Your newly elected Council representatives are:

  • Francisco Rondon
  • Donald Cupp
  • Jennifer Perkins
  • Akitoshi Takanashi

Your returning representatives are:

  • Matthew Learey
  • Kimiyo Mathews
  • David Wolf
  • Djamel Bouachri

Thank you so much for your vote of confidence as we enter this new phase of working to meet the needs of this beautiful family!

For those who have never served on the Council before, each council member has a responsibility internally to the Council as well as a liaison role to one of the committees serving our community needs. After learning about the roles and responsibilities that exist within the Council, we have gone through the process of election of council leadership, considering everyone’s skills and passions.

Our new Chairperson for 2018-2019 is Matthew Learey and the Vice Chair is Donald Cupp. The other administrative responsibilities for the running of the Council include Scribe, Administrator, Communications, etc.

After selection of the main leadership roles, we then went through a process for selecting the committees that each of us were most passionate about representing and working with. These committees cover all aspects of caring for our community on the local level. The final committee representatives are:

  • Finance – Akitoshi Takanashi
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministries – Jennifer Perkins
  • Community Enrichment – Kimiyo Matthews
  • Blessing and Family – Francisco Rondon
  • Outreach – Djamel Bouachri
  • Sunday Service – Don Cupp
  • Administration – David Wold

Thank you again so much for choosing us as your representatives for this coming year! If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us. You can simply send us an email at and we will direct your question to the appropriate council rep for the your concerns. We hope to be sharing news with you regularly!

God bless you and your family!


Your 2018-19 Council