White House
Help Support the
White House Clean Up on August 28.
Hello brothers and sisters!
This is pastor Justin.
I’m here to ask for your help in creating a home for our community that can serve our members and the greater community!Our parsonage, a historic white house at 548 S Broadway Tarrytown NY, has served our community and movement in many ways under various different leaders. She has given of herself completely and selflessly and now is experiencing some severe burnout. Our once beautiful white house has started turning a little gray and is in need of a makeover.

Before Covid hit, the house had previously served many different functions. It was a place where our staff would meet, we had our council meetings there, many times the youth ministry would use it as a place to host sleepovers for the staff, many received counseling or met with the pastor there for some spiritual guidance. It was also a place where we had DP seminars, Blessing seminars, and other forms of education.

As the Covid situation starts to shift and we prepare to open up again I hope that the White House can once again be a place for our youth, young adults, Kodan members, and all other members of the community to feel free to host activities and build a loving home for our community and beyond.

On August 28th we will have an all day clean up effort at the white house. We will be gathering upwards of 20+ people to help in the effort. We need these funds to cover the cost of the clean up and feeding volunteers. Any additional funding will go towards beautification of the house and lawn.

Desired Goal: $1200
Cost Breakdown:

  • $550 to rent a dumpster
  • $250 to feed volunteers and keep them hydrated
  • $400 for cleaning supplies, equipment rental, paint supplies

If you cannot donate funds there are other ways to contribute. If you have unused cleaning supplies that are in good condition (brooms, mops, gloves, detergents, etc) we can accept those. Also if you have time we are more than happy to have you come and dedicated a few hours to the whole day Aug 28th to come help out. Just let me know at okamotomiak@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support!

Pastor Justin and the BFC Team