Devoted is a 7-week family program: 6 sessions ending with an in-person family graduation in New Jersey (specific location will be sent out soon).
Starting from Oct 24th, The sessions will be EVERY Sunday from 8-9:30PM EST until December 5th (in person graduation day).
The program fee is 50$ for both parent and child.
For those who are unable to pay this full price right away, we have a separate form you can use to register your family then make the payment later (all payments must be made before graduation on Dec 5th).
For further inquiry, please email Diane at:


2. We will be having Japanese translation for the parents’ sessions.
3. The SR1 Devoted program is now open to other subregions to give them the opportunity to participate as well – expect to meet some brothers and sisters from all over the nation!
Here is the online program’s Educational Outline:
October 24th :Devoted to the Family, Devoted to the Blessing 
October 30th : The Marriage Blessing: What the World Needs Now! 
November 7th: Love Smarts: The Truth about True Love 
November 14th: Purity in Mind & Body 
November 21st: Growing to Greatness with a Hyojeong Heart 
November 28th: Preparing for the Matching & Blessing as a Family 
Dec 5th: IN-PERSON Family Graduation 
Registration links:
The best way to prepare for the matching and blessing is to grow together as a family so I sincerely hope that all our families in the Northeast Region will be able to join us for this incredible 7 weeks program!