We are living in a difficult time. There are a lot of people getting sick and others who are struggling with loss, and isolation. What hasn’t changed is that people need love and care and our original minds request us to offer it.
Our hope is to create a team of volunteers who work together to offer members of the BFC a channel to ask for help, support or prayer when the need arises. The system includes Local Coordinators in the areas of Upper Westchester, Lower Westchester, Rockland County, and Orange County. These Care Coordinators will report to and work with the BFC Care Coordinator.
The BFC Care Coordinator will:
  • Work with local coordinators to carry out responses to the needs of community members that come to our attention.
    • This can include teaming up with the Local Coordinator to come up with options, encouraging and supporting Local Coordinators, helping to organize a meal service, or spread information of a need within the community.
    • Support can also include helping a family in need explore social service options available to them.
    • Communicate with and receive support as needed from the Pastor and Senior Associate Pastor.
It is critical that the BFC Care Coordinator respects confidentiality and is able to build trust within their team and those they serve.
If you are interested in any way to be a part of the care team please let me (Pastor Justin) know. No experience or know how is required, we will provide training and instructions.