Starting this Saturday, January 29th at 9am, Masae Joseph will hold Safe Conversations Sessions. It will be 5 sessions long in total: January 29th, February 12th, February 26th, March 12th and March 26th. They will be virtual sessions via Zoom.

Safe conversations were developed by Hevill Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LeKelly Hunt, Ph.D. with a group of their friends and colleagues who were fellow relationship scientists, counselors, and advocates. The group discussed ways to make relationship education available to the public and not limited to a therapy clinic, so people would have access to teachable skills before they encountered relationships in crisis.

Safe conversations EMPOWERS you to talk without criticism, listen without judgment, and CONNECT beyond differences.

Any relationship can be transformed – couples, parenting, business occasions etc. When you CONNECT with others, then you can COMMUNICATE. You will learn how to begin sentences so the conversation does not blow up and how to respond in ways that provide safety. In the end, you’ll be able to discuss difficult topics without fear or conflict.

COST: $40 all together, including 5 sessions (Paypal / Venmo 845-248-1505)
Please let Masae know if you would like to join!