We are starting a national campaign called New Life Campaign where Dr. Yong is encouraging members to commit to bringing 3 new members to join your local church community by August 14, 2022 (10th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa). This campaign, initiated by Dr. Yong, is asking for 120 members to commit to this goal by signing up through this Commitment form. New membership is confirmed through contacts signing the “Family Federation Membership Commitment Form” which can be accessed here.
This campaign is focused on new contacts, old contacts, and distant members, who aren’t currently engaged in the 3 commitments outlined in the Membership Commitment Form (referenced below)
  1. Commitment to participating regularly at Family Federation community programs.
  2. Commitment to being a donating member of Family Federation.
  3. Commitment to receiving ongoing Family Federation education.
The goal is for a contact to sign the membership form.
Dr. Yong would like to pray for anyone who is committing to connecting 3 new contacts to a Local church community, so if you would like to be a part of the New Life Campaign, please sign up through the link below.