Nominations for the BFC Council

The BFC Council consists of 8 elected representatives from our community along with the current pastor (a total of 9).

Every year, 4 new members of the council are elected. They will serve for 2 years from the time of election, and 4 members who have finished serving the previous two years will leave the council, but they are then eligible to run again if they desire.

Joining the BFC council is a wonderful way to serve and truly become a valuable and vibrant part of your community.

Now it is time for nominations to be submitted for the coming two years of 2022-2024. 

Every member can nominate up to 4 persons who you think may be a good candidate for serving on our council. You may nominate yourself if you would like to volunteer.  Nominating someone does not mean they will be in the election. All nominees will be contacted to find out if they would like to serve on the council. The voting process will take place after all nominations have been received.

The following is expected of elected Council members:

  • Serve for two years
  • On average this is about a 6 hour/ month time commitment
  • Attend council meetings at least once a month
  • Attend the Council retreat (to be scheduled – usually 2 days)
  • Serve as the Council representative on one of the 7 major Circles: Sunday Service, Outreach, Youth Ministry, Blessing and Family Ministry, Ministries (Small Groups, etc.), Finance, Admin
  • Be prepared to serve as an officer on the Council. Officers are Chair, Vice-Chair(s), Treasurer, Scribe, Communications, and Administrator (Role descriptions are available upon request)

The final deadline to submit your nominations is: 
Sunday, April 3, 2022

Each member can submit from 1 to 4 nominees. You may nominate anyone who is qualified and who you think would be a good representative on the BFC Council.  You may also nominate yourself if you would like to volunteer.

Nominees will all have the chance to accept the nomination once all nominations have been received. Voting will take place after all potential candidates have been contacted and accepted their nomination.

To qualify, a Council candidate must be at least 18 years old and have been a member in good standing of the Belvedere Family Community for at least one year.