We have found that a number of our members may be missing our emails.

If you or someone you know has not been getting the Belvedere Family emails regularly, here is what may have happened.

Due to the huge amount of spam emails that are being sent every day, many email programs such as gmail work hard to try to block anything that might resemble spam. It could be certain words or expressions, it could be that an email sort of resembles another email that was labeled as spam, or it could be that the email came from a mass email sender (some of which have been misused by spammers).

It could be that your (or your loved one’s) email program thinks that our BFC emails could be spam and it may be dumping them into your spam folder.

We use a popular service called MailChimp to help send and manage our emails. Even though MailChimp tries to make sure it’s users are not sending spam, sometimes gmail or other programs may go ahead and block our email just because they are sent through MailChimp.

What can you do?

  1. Add the email address “news@belvederefamily.com” to your contact list. Sometimes that may not be enough, though.
  2. Create a “filter” in your email program that tells it to allow “news@belvederefamily.com” to come to your inbox.

Below is a video that helps to explain how to create a filter in gmail, also known as “whitelisting”.  Hopefully the video may be helpful as well as a little humorous. You see, many people are having the same issue.

This information is also now included on our Community page right under the email form at  https://belvederefamily.com/community#email . If you know someone who has been missing our emails you can send them to that page as well.

Sometimes we found that members have actually unsubscribed themselves from our list. This may have happened by accident or some email programs may even attempt to automatically unsubscribe you if they suspect spam.

If you think your email address has been unsubscribed, all you need to do is again, go to our community page and re-enter your name and email address into the form and you will be back on the list.  https://belvederefamily.com/community#email