Quick Update on registration: extension of Early Bird to Sunday July 24th 

Your congregation will have till the end of Sunday for Early Bird.

General information on PMC:

Promam details: 
  • The program officially starts on Saturday morning; however, parents and singles are welcome to arrive on Friday for tips to prepare. 
  • There will also be a matching supporter training beginning Friday, Aug 5 – from 1 to 5 PM.
  • We encourage people to come Friday afternoon, enjoy the grounds and beauty of the creation at the UTS campus, prepare spiritually and interact with other parents and experienced matching supporters.  
Further details: 
  • Bring a computer when arriving- (borrow one if you need to – tablets and cell phones are much more difficult to use for websites)

  • Bring a notebook and pens

  • All candidates must have a Blessing Interview before beginning a matching conversation. This will be explained during the Convocation presentations. 

  • The profile room will be open during breaks until 5 pm on Sunday evening. 


This PMC is an opportunity for all parents, even with very young children, to become familiar with the intentional matching process to support their adult children in finding their eternal partner. This event will give you hope and help you prepare, or restart the process. There will be profile displays of potential matches if you have a child in the matching process. BCs and First Gen singles are welcome!

Here are some things that people will gain from attending:

  • How to prepare and begin (or re-start) the process

  • Interaction with other parents

  • Check profiles of potential “matches”

  • Learn where to find blessing resources

  • Testimonies of couples and parents

  • When & how do I begin to prepare so I am ready 


For matching supporter attendees:

For new MS or a refresher, please join this training from 1 to 5 pm on Friday and for the Sat and Sun program. To qualify as a new MS, attendees should join Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday.

For questions, please contact me: Ilya Hack: ih.il.hack96@gmail.com

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