We had our first official business meeting with the new 2022-2023 Council members on 7/13/22. The newest members are Kimiyo Matthews, Philippa Clarke, Mika Rothstein and Yuji Mizuguchi. Ongoing (2nd year) members are Yuki Jones, Gary Hillier, Hye Jin Suzuki and Peter Reiner.

We previously had an “elections” meeting (on 6/21) and chose Yuki as the new Chairperson, Mika as the Vice-chair, Gary as Treasurer and Peter as Administrator. Hye Jin will stay on as Scribe for her 2nd year. 

Additionally, Council members represent BFC Committees and report to the Council on Committee activities. This year we chose our committees by volunteering:

Our July meeting was a somewhat typical business meeting, covering primarily the Finance Report and Pastor’s Update. We also received some education on tools the Council uses for meetings (such as Google Drive and Dynamic Governance). 

We also set the dates for our upcoming Council Retreat, to be held at East Garden over the weekend of August 26-28. Much of our discussion centered around expectations for the retreat, as well as how Council members responsibilities with regard to the committees they have chosen to represent.

We encourage community members to observe Council meetings. If you’d like to observe, just let us know by sending an email to council@belvederefamily.com.