Supporting Sustainability and Indigenous Culture

Kathy Winings is organizing this fundraiser to benefit International Relief Friendship Foundation, Inc. (IRFF).

The Guarani Children’s Education Project has recently been organized in Paraguay as a way to protect the traditions and culture of the Guarani peoples while preparing them to make an important contribution to moving their society toward a healthier and sustainable future.

Recently built, a facility in the Guarani community of Kirto in Alto Parana, has been set aside to house a multi-purpose learning center. This local Guarani community is the home of the ancestors of those depicted in the movie classic: “The Mission.” The learning center will provide a mixture of educational training, sports, art, religious studies and indigenous cultural insights, and training in computers and fisheries development.

The Guarani people carry with them ancient indigenous wisdom, which offers insights into developing and shaping healthy, environmentally balanced communities in this era of rapid changes.

Shaping a Brighter Future. . .

This generation of Guarani villagers is at risk of losing its deep time-tested insights with the incursion of capitalistic and fast-paced influences. The Guarani Children’s Education Project in Paraguay is asking for your help in completing the development of the learning center in Kirto. Hiring additional teachers, purchasing computers, classroom desks, essential school equipment and a school bus is necessary for the success of this challenging program.

The impending ecological transformations occurring in the Bahia region (and elsewhere) make it essential to acknowledge both indigenous and modern ways of seeing and relating with nature. In wisely blending traditional understanding, scientific insights and technological breakthroughs, a path to sustainable development and a brighter future for the children is being pioneered. And that future is beginning in Kirto.

Guarani children deserve an education that will allow them to thrive and contribute insights that will keep open the doors of understanding so future generations can pass through.

Please help promote sustainability and indigenous culture in Kirto today!