Dear Friends 敬愛的美國華人會 會員和好友們:

         CPFWP-USA is going to hold the 4th Filial Piety artwork contest. The artwork includes painting, calligraphy, songs, videos, etc. The topic is “The Beautiful Time with My Parents!”. We have specific words for calligraphy in the attachment if you’d like to submit calligraphy work. The deadline of the artwork submission has been extended to 8/19 (Fri.), and the award ceremony will be held on 9/3 (Sat.).
         People who live in the US or Canada are eligible to participate and there’s no age limitation. The winners will get $300. Please help us promote this event to your families and friends.
Please submit your work to with “2022 Filial Piety Contest” in the subject line.
       美國華人會將舉行第四屆的孝情藝術徵稿比賽,包含繪畫、書法、影片、歌曲等創作。今年度的主題是”我與父母的美好時光!” 書法項目則有指定題目, 請見附檔。即日起開始收件,截止日延至8/19 (週五)。我們將在9/3 (週六) 在克利夫頓教會舉辦頒獎典禮。
          現住美國和加拿大的人都有參加資格。得獎者將獲得$300 獎金。 請大家多多幫忙宣傳,並鼓勵您家人或朋友參加,謝謝~
Note. CPFWP-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization