Our YouTube channel has gained over 100 subscribers.

What does that do for us? That means we are now able to have a custom channel name!

Previously, our channel was listed as “UCNC5YZ04aN39i_a4GswmISQ”… well not so easy to remember.

NOW, our channel is now called just “BelvedereFamily”.

It is much easier to find at youtube.com/c/belvederefamily     (…Don’t forget the /c/ )
Or just search for Belvedere Family.

If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing. That way you can be notified when new videos are posted (such as the Pastor Update) or whenever we start a live broadcast.

Note that our Sunday Service videos (shortened to just the sermon) as well as our live programs can also be found on our website at
belvederefamily.com/sermons  and   belvederefamily.com/live