Dear Belvedere Sunday School Family,

We are having a True Childrens’ Day Workshop on Oct. 23rd. Please attend holy songs at the main Sanctuary and after the prayer come upstairs. Please wear nice clothes for this holy day celebration!

Age: 1-5th Grade

Time: 10AM – 1:15PM (Registration starts at 9:45am)

Fee: $10 for regular attendees or $5 if you paid Belvedere Sunday School annual registration fee.

*We have a simple program for younger and older kids.

*6-12th grade children can attend this workshop as staff or attend regular Sunday service.

*Belvedere Sunday School will prepare the offering table and lunch for participating kids.

*Free for toddler and kindergarten kids and UC children who attend as staff.

Belvedere Sunday School children won’t need to register online but please come to the registration table to pay a fee for participating on the morning of the 23rd. If you’d like to invite other members, please share this registration link. True Children’s Day Workshop in Belvedere (NY) (

Register by clicking HERE!