Dear Belvedere Sunday School Family,

We are having our Sunday School on October 9th!

●1-4th grade children will sing holy songs at the main sanctuary. Please go to Room G after holy songs and a prayer.

●5-12th grade children will sing holy songs at Room A.

◆Classes available: 1-4th grade at RoomG, 5-12th grade at RoomA

◆Sunday School Time: 10 – 11am We’ll have a donation time during Sunday School, so please give a donation to your child.

◆Please sign up for Climb Adventure on Oct. 16, 1pm at Palisades Center! Please invite Belvedere community members and families you know and love that you’d like to reconnect with.

Click on the link below to RSVP for Climb Adventure:

If you haven’t filled out the online registration form and pay the annual registration fee for Sunday school, please register. (Annual Registration fee for Sept 2022 – Aug 2023: $100 for one child, $75 for 2nd child)

Click on the link below to register for Sunday School:

Looking forward to seeing all the kids this Sunday!