Accelerate Spring 2023

Hi everyone!

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This spring we’re bringing Accelerate back! If you’re unfamiliar with what Accelerate is, it’s a Leadership Certification Course that runs for multiple weeks where we have distinguished speakers from around the country give presentations on core practical skills that can enhance one’s leadership! Examples of these topics include “Mission, Vision, Values”, “Relating with your Abel Figure”, “Creating a knockout sermon”, “Planning an intentional event”, “Effective Communication” and more! You’ll also be given assignments to complete each week, and upon completion of all course work you’ll be awarded an Accelerate Leadership Certification!
This semester we’ll be hosting 10 sessions live, and everyone who registers will be given 3 bonus sessions to watch any time. Details below.
Weekly Live Sessions (75 minutes) – Choose one
  • Fridays @ 11AM EST
  • Sundays @ 8PM EST
  • Friday February 10 @ 11AM EST
  • Sunday February 12 @ 8PM EST
10 Live Sessions
  • Feb 17 – Apr 21
  • Reduced to $300 from $400.
  • You may be eligible for a $200 sponsorship from your Subregion and Local church so feel free to ask your pastor! This would bring it down to $100!
Link to Promotional Video:
If you have any questions feel free to email us @
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Team Accelerate