Our Belvedere Community Garden Project Update #1

Springfest brought out so much energy and enthusiasm for our garden; raised beds were built, seeds were sown, soil poured, and saplings planted.

The love and effort of all our volunteers  has done an amazing job transforming our garden!.

But this is just the beginning, and since then we have been busy building up the garden, step by step. This means more planting, more strategy, and more creativity!

This past week we managed to plant 12 new tomato plants! These are fairly small, but this is huge for us. As the soil begins to warm our plants will start growing at a much faster pace.

Another development is the first germination! Germination is when a plant develops from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy. These tiny leaves that you see (If you squint your eyes), which have barely pushed through the soil will turn into Red Radishes.

Every Garden presents different challenges and ours is no exception. We have encountered some odd things. First, we have lost a red bell pepper plant to powdery mildew. This fungus typically does not develop until later on in a plant’s life, and in most cases the plant can survive, but this plant was in such bad shape we removed it, in case it would affect the others (At the time we didn’t know what this was, and if the plant could survive). We will do some research and prevent this from happening again.

Second we have a ground hog problem. These furry creatures would love to dine on our delicious vegetables, so in the coming weeks, we will build our defenses to keep them out!

Stay tuned for developments! Much love from the Belvedere Community Garden!