From Julia Okamoto:

Report for May 20 Prayer Breakfast

I got a call early May from Rev. Dorcelly, a pastor in Spring Valley. He asked me if I could help a friend of his who was running for Family Court Judge. We meet with Rev. Dorcelly and the judge for lunch and discussed the idea of having a prayer breakfast to put her in front of an audience. We felt she was a very good person a devout Christian and very concerned about the family. We felt she was very much in line with our True Family Values so we decided to accept the challenge of creating a Prayer Breakfast for the judge. Rev. Dorcelly agreed to be the host pastor so we just had to get people to show up. We only had 2 weeks to fill the room so needless to say we Made a flyer quickly and started visiting churches.

We decided to give her the Ambassador For Peace appointment and Lynn Walsh came to the event as the UPF representative.

Justin came as the guest speaker and did a great job. Rev. Dorcelly really liked Justin’s speech he said he has such a pure heart that he comes across in a way that touches people. He said Justin was great! and wants him to speak to his youth.

We had around 60 people in attendance and we got a lot of good contacts to follow up on. One I am planning to appoint as an Ambassador for Peace for June 3rd.

We could not have done it without the help of the brothers and sister who came out to help and to support. Jean Rondon was a great MC for the event and kept everything moving along smoothly, Lynn did a great job appointing the judge and Also Rev. Clarke, Kanae, Yukia and the Nakai’s helped in different ways. Mr. Shimizu was the photographer and gave us a great record of the event.

I felt it was a great event and broaden my understanding of what a prayer breakfast could be and could see how we could cast a wider net if we included AFP

Thank you to God and our True Parents.