Belvedere Property, 360 Tour

For a 360 degree virtual tour of the Belvedere property, click below.

360 images by Richard Patterson

NOTE: Before you begin, the tools below will help you navigate the tour.

Click on the arrows to move to a new scene.

Click on an image icon to view a still photo.

The lower image icon reveals thumbnails for the different pages in the tour. For a cleaner view, you can turn off the arrows and navigate the site by clicking on the thumbnail images.

Click on the globe icon to remove or show the side panel map.

Click on the video icon to view a time lapse video of a sunset at Belvedere.

Click in the upper corner to remove or show the arrows and other icons, to give a better view (you can navigate using the thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen).

If you have 3D glasses you can enable a 3D view.

Please enjoy additional images below.