Belvedere Garden Project (Part 1)

Our Belvedere Community Garden Project Update #1 Springfest brought out so much energy and enthusiasm for our garden; raised beds were built, seeds were sown, soil poured, and saplings planted. The love and effort of all our volunteers  has done an amazing job transforming our garden!.

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Belvedere Sunday School Easter Workshop this Sunday!

Belvedere Sunday School is having the Easter Workshop at Belvedere on April 9, 10 am -12pm. This is for everyone (not only for Sunday school) because we would like anyone to be able to invite their grandchildren or families they know. Click for the registration link.

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Council Nominations for 2023 Election

It's time for council nominations for the coming two years of 2023-2025. Every member can nominate up to 4 persons who you think may be a good candidate for serving on our council. You may nominate yourself if you would like to volunteer. Click for more details and for the nomination form.

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Up & Coming this week May 7th, 2022 – Boating Trip Updates

Dear Up & Coming Family,

Happy May! We hope this month continues to bring many blessings onto you and your families.
This Saturday May 7, 2022, we will conclude week 4 of the Ocean Tribe curriculum by going on our very first Boating Trip! This is a chance for the participants to put everything they learned into action and a way to connect to God and True Parent’s heart for the ocean. We
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Test- Photo Gallery

Here is an example of using the photo gallery option in a post. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Any other text or images can be added as well, this just shows one example of how the gallery works.

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Poem by Andy Morris

Words to Live By

There are two words
Every man should say
At least once
Every day
For all that life
Brings his way
When at night
He kneels to pray

There are three words
Every man should hear
Whispered softly
In his ear
To wash away
His doubt and fear
And let him know
He is held dear

There is one word
That should not exist
That every human
Should resist
When you feel its call
Unclench your fist
And let it dissipate
Like mist

If you know these words
Of which I speak
There is no more truth
For you to seek


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