It’s time to update our contact information and print a new directory for the Belvedere Family Community.

As you may realize, the last member directory printed was for 2016-2017. A lot of information has changed since then.

We have created an online form to help make it easier to provide your information to us. Please click the blue button to get started. You may submit more than once if you have others living with you who would their contact info in the directory separately.

Please take a brief moment to fill out the form with your contact information. The deadline for submission is Feb 24th, 2019. If you know other members who may not be aware of this, please let them know.  Email the directory committee if you have any questions

The information collected is also to help keep BFC records up to date. If there is information that you do not want printed in the directory, there is an option on the form to let us know which information you would like to keep private. That information will then not be printed.

None of the information provided will be posted online. It will only be used as BFC and FFWPU contact info.

Deadline for submission of forms is February 24, 2019.