2019 Election of the BFC Council

The BFC Council consists of 8 elected representatives from our community along with the current pastor.

Every year, 4 new members of the council are elected. They will serve for 2 years from the time of election, and 4 members who have finished serving the previous two years will leave the council, but they are then eligible to run again if they desire.

Joining the BFC council is a wonderful way to serve and truly become a valuable and vibrant part of your community.

The results are in!

Thank you to all who nominated respected members of our community, thank you to the candidates who agreed to run, and thank you to everyone who voted for the new members of the 2019-2020 Belvedere Family Council! 

Please welcome our new council members, Kody Morris, Marilyn Onoda, Raoul Joseph, and Dominic Barber.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our community in this way. During the next two months, these new members will be transitioning in and learning their new positions and how they can best serve the Belvedere community throughout their term on the council.

Kody Morris

Marilyn Onoda

Raoul Joseph

Dominic Barber

The new council members will be joining the continuing council members, Jennifer Perkins, Ben Hack, Don Cupp, and Akitoshi Takanashi for the coming year.