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News and Updates from our Pastor

Pastor Justin Okamoto will be providing video updates on a regular basis.
The purpose of this program is to let the members of the community know what’s been happening locally and beyond in our community, to have members feel connected to the pastor, and to create a culture of love, honesty and transparency.

You can reach out to Pastor Justin at

Pastor’s Update, December 2022

A new Pastor’s Update video has been uploaded. The video is from Pastor Justin’s presentation to the council.

Please click below to view the video.

Pastor’s Update! – October 2022

Pastor’s Update – 8/27/22

BFC Growth Strategy!

This past Sunday, June 26, 2022, our pastor Justin Okamoto shared with the community his vision for the growth and development of our community.

He presented some very valuable and important topics, including:

  • Understanding witnessing
  • Goals
  • Training
  • Overall Strategy and Timeline

Please take time to listen to his short presentation. There are many inspiring activities to look forward to and many ways to help lift up our community!

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