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Sunday School is currently being held on-line via Zoom for children ages 3 to 12 yrs.

Sunday from 10 to 10:40am

Hope to see you there!

For more information please contact our Sunday School Director, Yiru Sugihara at

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Please support this gofundme campaign for our Sunday School Kids.
Last Sunday it was a big hit! So we hope we can raise enough to pay it off.
Our Sunday School team is looking for your support!
We are fundraising so that we can buy a nice bouncy castle with pool for the Belvedere Family Community Sunday School. We create programs inviting kids from all over the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) to join together.
This is an opportunity to invest in our kids and their future.
This summer we are also planning to do a children’s olympics sports festival and would love to have a way for the kids to cool off after sports.
If you have the heart to support please do!
This is the link to the castle we want to buy.

Dear Belvedere Sunday School Family,

We are having our Sunday School on June 12th! Before Sunday school, please go to the main sanctuary to sing holy songs. (After singing holy songs, children will go to each class room upstairs.) Children who graduated Il Shim program will go up to the stage after the regular Sunday service, so please try to wear nice clothes. Please refer to the Sunday School dress code. After Sunday school, kids can play on the bouncy castle, so please bring extra clothes if needed. The bouncy castle will be dry (no water). We are still looking for support for the fundraising of a nice bouncy castle with a pool!

After Sunday service, we are also doing a fundraiser for Sunday school on the 12th and 19th so please bring some cash to support us. If you can offer any simple meals, desserts, snacks or drinks to sell for our fundraiser on the 12th, that is also greatly appreciated! (There will be no reimbursements for shopping and ingredients.)

◆Classes available: Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-12 (2 classes for now)

◆Sunday School Time: 10am Start. (After holy song at main sanctuary, children will go to class room upstairs)

◆Annual Registration fee: $40 for one child, $70 for more than 2 children (- August) – Please give it to one of the Sunday school directors (Asami Shirinova, Kazuka Okamoto, Yuri Carrera). We’ll have a donation time during Sunday School, so please give a donation to kids. Looking forward to seeing all the kids this Sunday!

Thank you.

Dear Belvedere Sunday School Family,

We are having our Sunday School on June 5th ONLY for 1-5 Grades!

Most of the up & coming children and their families are going to UTS for Il Shim graduation, so we won’t have a class for 6-12 Grades. Please attend to the regular Sunday service. Sunday service will be every week from June, and we also have Sunday school as well during this summer!


Thank you!

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