Audio Visual Tech Support

Belvedere Family Community (BFC) in conjunction with the Belvedere property have an extensive audio/visual (AV) system installed in the meeting hall also known as the Training Center.

The audio and video recording and processing equipment provided by BFC can be available for events taking place in the Training Center. It is important to note that the equipment is both expensive and complex, and thus requires experienced technicians to operate.

Make requests as early as possible.

In order to help events proceed smoothly and with desired functions, it is important that requests for AV support be made to the AV coordinator as early as possible in the process. Typically the request must be made at the same time as the hall is requested in order to be able to schedule properly. Any requests made less than two weeks in advance may be considered last minute and may need special arrangements.


Costs are necessary for many event requests because they require both the use of equipment as well as trained manpower to operate the equipment. No one is allowed to access or operate the AV console unless they have been trained and authorized.
The fees for equipment use help to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment.

Basic service- there is a no-cost service.

The most basic AV service that can be provided at no additional cost is the use of the built-in loud speaker system with just one or two microphones. These can be set up in advance and left in place for an event and would not require additional manpower. This must be requested in advance and does not include any video presentation or audio mixing.

Please contact the AV Coordinator if you have any questions: Charles Patterson, cell: 914-589-4780

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