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Our mission:
As a family of faith, our mission is to embody and share God’s ideal of love
through education, blessing, and service.

Our core values:
We worship God the creator of the universe, the parent of humankind. We honor the founders of our faith, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. We value healthy and strong marriages and we stand for peace, justice and unity between all people.

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We strive to be a family of like-minded individuals, desiring peace, happiness, and unity. Our outlook is joyful and hopeful, seeking unity in the family, in society, throughout our nation, and the world.

In our teaching, we consider the family the “School of love”. As we grow from being children to adults, we are should naturally learn how to be a wholesome and complete human being from our relationships in our family. Our first experience of the love of God was meant to come from our parents, the sacrificial love that parents have for their children. We learn to relate to all kinds of people by being in loving relationships with our siblings, parents and grandparents, and it is through this nurturing environment that we learn to care for others.

The family is, according to God’s original design, the source of joy and life for all human beings. It is the starting point from which we create healthy individuals and healthy societies, ultimately creating a healthy and peaceful world.

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Part-Time Job Opportunity at WANGO

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), an international membership organization for NGOs, is looking for a part-time Membership Assistant who can support its membership program, including processing new membership applications and replying to e-mails. This is a paid, remote/flexible job requiring about 5 hours a week. Click to learn more.

BFC Sunday Sermons are online

If you happen to miss one of our Sunday services, or perhaps wish to reflect on a past inspiration, don't forget that all of our sermons are posted on our website at They are usually posted within a few days.

Memoirs: Cara Jones’ “Blessed Child” Film showing in Pleasantville, and Farley Jones’ memoirs on Amazon.

Farley Jones has written a book of his memoirs, "A Heart Made Whole, My Spiritual Journey", available on Amazon. Also, Farley and Betsy Jones' daughter, Cara, has produced a film entitled "Blessed Child", looking at her life growing up as a Blessed Child in the Unification Church. Cara's film will be showing in Pleasantville at the Jacob Burns Film Center on February 10, 2020. Click for more information.


Are you interested in volunteering to help with our Sunday Services? We are always looking for more volunteers to help with ushering, audio & video, guest sermons, and musical offerings.

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