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Wed04, 2022

Poem by Andy Morris

Words to Live By

There are two words
Every man should say
At least once
Every day
For all that life
Brings his way
When at night
He kneels to pray

There are three words
Every man should hear
Whispered softly
In his ear
To wash away
His doubt and fear
And let him know
He is held dear

There is one word
That should not exist
That every human
Should resist
When you feel its call
Unclench your fist
And let it dissipate
Like mist

If you know these words
Of which I speak
There is no more truth
For you to seek

Say Thank You
For all that life bestows
Say I Love You
Until each person knows
Do it now
Don’t hesitate
And we may see
The end of hate

Andy Morris

Thu04, 2018

“Town to Town”

Inspiration from Kent T:

Town to Town

It’s been a lot of years
Since I wandered town to town
And it’s time to think again
Of when the world was upside down

Most a decade in the dust
Blowing round and round
I just longed to be a seed
To put roots into the ground

We were on the outside looking in
Was that it, or was it more
Like we were invisible
Until we knocked upon a door

Do you recall how we would try
To say much – in little time?
Our sweat and smiles spoke for us
Our life, a pantomime

It’s your smiles that I remember
They appear before me now
And how you used to laugh so much
I’d love to know why and how

The why and how is important
And sometimes when I’m feeling down
I know one sure way to find my God
That’s to wander town to town

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