A clean up project for the wetlands area on Sheldon Ave. in Tarrytown has been organized by a local resident for Saturday, April 21 “Earth Day, 2018”

The area needing cleaning is on Sheldon Avenue, down the street from Gracemere, and the “Rock House”.  Sheldon Brook runs along Sheldon Avenue, on the other side of Meadow Street. This area formerly belonged to the Unification Church but was given over to the town a number of years ago. A fair amount of trash, old tires, and other garbage has been dumped there over the years.

This would be a great opportunity for any of our members living in the South Tarrytown area, also known as “Pennybridge”, to get involved in a helpful community activity.  The project is being organized by local resident, Lori Hrbek,  lorihrbek@gmail.com.

Click for pdf flyer.