Up & Coming this week April 30th, 2022 + Boating Trip Updates!

Dear Up & Coming Family,

We hope you had a great week! We will have our regular UC program Saturday April 30, 2022 from 4pm – 8:30pm at Belvedere. This week we will continue on week 3 of the Ocean Tribe curriculum. We will be learning how to make sushi!!! Please bring $5 for dinner. We have an amazing day planned so you won’t want to miss it!
UC x Ocean Tribe Boating Trip!!!
Next Saturday May 7,
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Happy birthday to May birthdays!

Happy (almost) May, BFC!

Here’s to a wonderful month ahead and a special shoutout to all the May birthdays.

May Birthdays

Hiromi Gray
Rumiko Isaksen
Heungman Jeon
Yumiko Tamashiro
Akira Takanashi

If you do not see a name that has a May birthday, please let us know! We would love to celebrate you! 🙂

Email Chiaki at chiakihagiwara@gmail.com

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Test- Photo Gallery

Here is an example of using the photo gallery option in a post. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Any other text or images can be added as well, this just shows one example of how the gallery works.

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Poem by Andy Morris

Words to Live By

There are two words
Every man should say
At least once
Every day
For all that life
Brings his way
When at night
He kneels to pray

There are three words
Every man should hear
Whispered softly
In his ear
To wash away
His doubt and fear
And let him know
He is held dear

There is one word
That should not exist
That every human
Should resist
When you feel its call
Unclench your fist
And let it dissipate
Like mist

If you know these words
Of which I speak
There is no more truth
For you to seek


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BFC Council News- 4/19/2022

Council Corner:
News from 4/19/22 Council Meeting

This was a long time coming — the BFC Council held its recent April 2022 meeting IN PERSON at the White House (!!!). It was a wonderful change to see everyone face-to-face and have dinner and sharing together, in addition to our meeting. Pastor Justin cooked our entree – some fabulous tacos! And everyone else brought all sorts of great side dishes. 

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2022 Council Election

It's time to vote for 4 candidates for the coming BFC Council term. Click for more information and to learn about the candidates!

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