Help send Gwendolin Learey to Gambia for The Gambia Project!

This summer a group of young volunteers from all over the world are planning to go to Africa and support The Gambia Project. This is an organization which travels to The Gambia in Africa to preform various service projects. In the past some projects were trash clean up campaigns, character education and some contributions toward community needs.

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2018 Peace King Cup Fishing Cup Tournament

The 2018 Annual Peace King Cup fishing tournament will be from May 5th to 11th this year. This event is in celebration of the founders, Father and Mother Moon's, wedding anniversary and we encourage everyone to come fishing as a couple and family for the tournament. The grand prize will be a trophy and $3000 cash prize for the largest striped bass caught over 38".

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Earth Day clean up project in South Tarrytown, Sheldon Brook

A clean up project for the wetlands area on Sheldon Ave. in Tarrytown has been organized by a local resident for Saturday, April 21 "Earth Day, 2018". This area formerly belonged to the Unification Church but was given over to the town a number of years ago. A fair amount of trash, old tires, and other garbage has been dumped there over the years. This would be a great opportunity for any of our members living in the South Tarrytown area, also known as "Pennybridge", to get involved in a helpful community activity.

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