Time to Vote!

Nominations have been received and candidates selected for the new BFC Council for 2022.

The following members are running for election to the council:

  • Philippa Clarke
  • Matthew Learey
  • Kimiyo Matthews
  • Yuji Mizuguchi
  • David Okamoto
  • Julia Okamoto
  • Mika Rothstein
  • Athia Shibuya
  • Chohei Shimizu
  • Sandy Stewart

They will be joining with Gary Hillier, Yuki Jones, Peter Reiner, and Hye Jin Suzuki who are continuing as council members.


The BFC Council consists of 8 elected representatives from our community along with the current pastor.

Every year, 4 new members of the council are elected. They will serve for 2 years from the time of election, and 4 members who have finished serving the previous two years will leave the council, but they are then eligible to run again if they desire.


A link for the online voting ballot, along with a short bio’s about each candidate are provided below.

You are able to vote for four (4) candidates from those listed who you think will be able to serve our community well on the BFC council. After you have reviewed the biographies for the candidates, please click below to go to the online ballot.

Voting is open and will continue until the end of day on May 1, 2022.

Below are some short bios for our candidates.
Please read to help you know a little more about them.

Phillipa Clarke

Hello everyone and thank you for the nomination. I first met the church in London in 1974 and came to the USA in 1980. I was blessed to Daryl Clarke at MSG and joined him a few years later when he became Rev Clarke and was leading the Harlem church.  We first came to the Belvedere community in 1997 and, apart from some brief periods, we have lived here ever since. We have 5 boys and 2 girls from the ages of 22 -34 years old.

From 2000 to 2010 I was honored to be part of the UPF International Secretariat under Dr Thomas Walsh and currently I work full time as a receptionist in the welcome center/student helpdesk at Westchester Community College. Recently I joined the pastors care committee. If elected I will do my best to support our community.

Thank you.

Matthew Learey

Hello Community,

I am very honored to be nominated for the council. My family and I have been members of the Belvedere community for many years.  It has been a source of life and inspiration to be part of this community.  If elected I will be involved and active during my term.

Thank you,

Matthew Learey

David Okamoto

Hi,  I have been part of the Belvedere (and Westrock) community since 1994. My 5 children grew up in this community. My field of expertise is in business management. I have been involved with our community in Marriage Blessing and being a Matching Supporter for over a decade.

A few years ago ago I retired from my full time job at Saeilo Enterprises. Since then I joined my wife in the work of ACLC. I have been hosting weekly online ministries called HOUR OF RESTORATION and True Family Values Study.  Christian clergies from US and overseas mainly from Nigeria are regular participants.

I hope I can work with the families in the Belvedere community to develop the environment for Tribal Messiahship activities through ACLC and Online Holy Community.  If elected, I will do my best to support the Pastor and serve our community in improving the effectiveness of the BFC Council.

Thank you.

Julia Okamoto

Hi. I have been in this community with David, my husband for over 20 years now and have raised my five children here, Takashi, Dachul, Justin, Michael and Meena.

I have mostly been involved in outreach since 2004 or so.  I have also been involved in ACLC as the Coordinator for the Westchester/Rockland area and also organized many cultural events.  I am happy to serve on the council and if elected will do my best to help guide the church and serve our community.

Thank you.

Kimiyo Matthews

I was born in Tokyo, Japan and joined the Unification Church in 1980. My husband and I were blessed in 1989 (1275 couples). I’ve been a member of Belvedere Family community since 1991 when my husband and I took on tribal messiahship and moved to my husband’s hometown. We now have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. My passion is to help others through my knowledge and experience as yoga instructor and massage therapist.

I have been on the council twice before and look forward to the opportunity to serve again.

Yuji Mizuguchi.

Hi, I was born in Japan and I joined the church in 1989.
I’m a 30,000 Blessed couple. Haesu Jung is my beautiful Korean wife. I am blessed to have 5 children, Reimi, Yosuke, Toshiaki, Colin and Susie. I served as pastor at Queens Family Church for 12 years after graduating from UTS in 2000. Our family moved to New Hyde Park, Long Island in July 2016, and since then we joined Belvedere Family Church.

I am interested in joining the BFC Council because I want to help in the area of pastoral care and youth education using my experience.

Thank you.

Mika Rothstein

My name is Mika Rothstein. I am 31 years old and live in Westchester County, New York. I have been a part of the Belvedere community for over 10 years and have been involved in various activities for the past 5 years. I volunteered in events such as the spring/family day festivals, the Blessing and Sunday service by serving baked goods.

For two years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a staff member for the UC Youth Ministry. The experience gave me a deeper dive into the value, love and faith in the teachings to support the kids’ spiritual growth, as well as my own growth as an adult in the community. It inspired me to offer meditation nights for young adults in the community which my sister and I were able to offer and would love to continue in the near future. It is my passion to create a sisterhood and brotherhood in a safe space for each one to feel supported and loved.

I feel called to become a part of the Belvedere council because I love our community and want to see us support one another even more by nurturing each person on their spiritual journey

Thank you.

Athia Shibuya

Hi, my name is Athia Shibuya. I am 31 years old and I grew up in Tarrytown New York. At 18, I went to STF, then college. I have also worked on and off in Korea as an English teacher. I have been working in this area for the past 5 years and am currently working at Tribenet as the general manager. I am honored to be nominated as a member of this community’s council. I hope to serve this community well and help it flourish.

Thank you.

Chohei Shimizu

I was born in Japan in 1957 and joined CARP in 1977. I was Blessed with Tae in 1982 in Korea.

From 1982 to 1984 I was in Germany as a CARP missionary and came to the United States in 1986 also as a CARP missionary. I worked for CARP USA and World CARP until 2008.  In 2008, I came to work for HSA/FFWPU HQ. I was given mission in accounting area in 1990 in CARP USA and I have been working in that field since then until today.

I’ve been in New York since 1991 and in this Belvedere Community since 1995. We now have three children, two boys and a daughter, and two grandsons.

I felt I should accept the nomination and want to serve the community if elected in any way possible.

Thank you.

Sandy Stewart

I have lived in or around the Belvedere community with my wife, Tokiko, since 1994. Our  four children grew up here and have moved on in various directions, giving us five grandchildren at present. Mostly, I’m retired now following a career largely in IT.
I did serve on the council before, in Rev Compton’s day.  However given a pandemic, a new continental director, a new pastor or two and the centralization enabled by the development of conferencing and video technology,  I know much will have changed in how our community runs.  Therefor I do not have any particular platform or agenda beyond seeking to serve the community as guided by the Spirit.

Thank you.