The UC Ski Trip is only a few days away TODAY! We have over 70 participants attending and we are excited to gather with you all! The Ski Trip registration is now closed and only those that have submitted a registration form can attend.
Here are a few details you need to know before the trip on Saturday. Please arrive at the ski area by 11 AM. We have a big group so it is important to arrive on time so we can all be accommodated quickly. Payment will be collected at the door.
Unfortunately the Ski Area can no longer provide group lessons. For those that signed up for the group lesson, you will only have to pay for the rental/snowpass and/or helmet. A few of our participants are experienced Skiers and are happy to help anyone that needs help, but again the group lessons will no longer be available due to staff shortage at the Ski Area. 
Parents and Guardians not participating can spend time in the Ski Lodge next to the mountain but are also welcome to walk around the area! Up & Coming will also provide free lunch for all participants that signed up. Please find more details on the trip below and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. See you on Saturday!!!
The address for the Ski Area is:
Victor Constant Ski Area at West Point
723 Victor Constant Road, West Point, NY 10996 
11AM Meet Up
1PM Lunch & Group Picture
5PM Finish
What to bring:
Snow Gloves (you don’t want your hands getting cold!)
Water Bottle
Face covering/Mask (this will help us stay safe and will keep you warm!)
Final Payment
Positive Attitude 🙂