Dear Up & Coming family,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend off! We are back to our regularly scheduled program. We will have UC this Saturday April 9th, 2022, from 4PM – 8:30PM. Please bring $5 for dinner!
For the next month we have the great honor of hosting Ocean Tribe at UC. We’ll be receiving fun guidance from their team and we will end with a fishing trip in the month of May! We’re trying something new so we hope you can join us.
Il Shim Details – 4 days left!!!
We are only 4 days away from our first 2022 IL SHIM session! 
Please use the Link: SR1 ILSHIM – 2022 ( to register your children if you haven’t yet.  

  1. Registration deadline for all sessions is April 8th, 2022. 
  2. Ages: we are welcoming 12 years old for this year’s IL SHIM program so please if you have any 12 year olds, sign them up as well! 
  3. Ilshim rings: It takes about 2 months for the rings to arrive so please use the link below to get a ring sizer on amazon for only $3.  Click Here to purchase the ring sizer on Amazon-***If you are unable to purchase this item, our youth pastors should also have a ring sizer during their first or second session. 
  • Guessed ring sizes: If you guessed your child’s ring size upon registration, please speak with your local representative (their information is below this email). ***Getting the correct ring size is very important! If we order the wrong sizes, it will be difficult to adjust this error so please make sure you reach out to your local representatives if you need help with getting the correct ring size. 
         5. 2-3 children registration: If you are registering more than 1 child, you will receive $50 off for the second child and third child. Meaning, if you are registering 3 children, your total will be $350 instead of $450.  Please email me directly to receive a discount code if you are signing up 2 children or more. 
  • IL SHIM dates: Sundays, April 10th – June 5th, 2022                               ***Only the first Il Shim session will be held with both the Belvedere/NYC group and the Barrytown group because our very own Regional President, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, will be giving a message to all of the NY Il Shim Participants!!! We will meet on April 10th, 2022 from 2PM – 4PM at the White House Parsonage: 548 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591.                            
  • 2-day youth Retreat dates:  June 4th- June 5th (Location info will be sent out soon) 

Note: *All youth are required to attend the 2-day retreat. Parents are only required to attend the second day of the retreat (Sunday, June 5th) for a parent education and family graduation.

  • Cost: $150 ( *Parents will not pay for the retreat on June 5th. The 150$ cost will cover the local sessions,  Il Shim rings, 2- day youth retreat, Parents education and family graduation on June 5th)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Parents can deposit an amount of $80 if they cannot make a one-time payment of $150. Once you have paid the $80 upon registration, please keep in mind that the remaining balance of $70 will automatically be charged on May 22nd, 2022.

Last but not least, Please reach out to your local youth leaders for questions regarding the 6 local sessions and the ring sizes: 
Belvedere & NYC: Stephanie Dias
Barrytown, NY: Tim Kiluba,