Dear Belvedere Sunday School Family,

We are having our Sunday School on June 26th ONLY for 1-5 Grades! Many Up & Coming children are attending Camp Aurora, so we won’t have a class for 6-12 Grades. After Sunday school, children can play on the bouncy castle so please bring extra clothes if needed. Bouncy castle will be dry (no water) this time. Thank you for all of the support to purchase our bouncy castle!

◆Sunday School Time: 10am Start. (After holy song at main sanctuary, children will go to class room upstairs)

◆Annual Registration fee: $40 for one child, $70 for more than 2 children (- August) – Please give it to one of the Sunday school directors (Asami Shirinova, Kazuka Okamoto, Yuri Carrera) Thank you!