Hello Belvedere Family,

These past two weeks miraculous things have occurred in the garden. Dozens of plants have germinated and sprouted up.

  • Our Green beans have lifted out of the soil. By the end of the season this small sprout will be the tallest plant in the green house.

  • This week the pepper plants have popped! Soon we will be able to pick a few peppers.

  • While the pepper plants were popping, our Turnips decided to turn up, and we now have these beautiful full turnips in the ground. These might be the first plants we can harvest.

  • Lastly, the bok choy that we had planted during Springfest, has finally sprouted, and sprouted tremendously. Over the last few days they have grown spectacularly.

Many other developments are happening as well, stop by and check it out, or lend a hand to help weed or water.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!