Message from Rev. Dunkley

September 28, 2023

Dear Family members,

I trust this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and spirits. It has been a remarkable 120 days since the inauguration, and I felt compelled to share an update with you.

In the wake of True Mother’s historical dedication of the Cheon Won Gung and the restructuring of the three providential nations, it became abundantly clear that we have embarked on an entirely new era. It is not merely a step forward but a quantum leap, not just a new chapter, but an entirely fresh book waiting to be written. Simultaneously, we face monumental challenges, which prompted me to invest 120 days of prayer centering on our national Cheonshim Won.

Throughout this journey, with each passing 40-day period, I sensed a strengthening of our internal foundation. Our dedicated leaders and members have responded earnestly to True Mother’s vision in the current providence. The initial 40 days felt like a spiritual ascent to the mountain’s summit, the second 40 days akin to establishing a foothold among the people, and the final 40 days marked an expansion into our cities, as I toured across America, engaging with major communities through the Rebirth workshops.

To date, we have successfully completed 21 workshops, including 17 full workshops and 4 one-day presentations. Additionally, we have expanded the settlement of the Cheonshim won, with a goal to establish over 50 within our local communities by the time True Mother arrives. Furthermore, centering on the Cheonshim Won in Las Vegas, where Bishop Ki Hoon Kim has continuously prayed, we are expanding our daily prayer vigils across America.

Dear family, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your sincere response, which marks a wonderful beginning to the new book that we are writing together.

Building upon this foundation, Yumiko and I are again on a nationwide tour, this time with Professor Jin Choon Kim and Rev. Dong Mo Shin, who were personally sent here by True Mother to share important truths with us. Moreover, she has requested the presence of key ACLC clergy and our nationwide youth for a historic gathering, marking the first such event since 2019. This is undoubtedly a divine gift, and we should prepare ourselves to receive powerful guidance from True Mother to ensure total victory in our respective missions.

In the days ahead, you may hear me speak increasingly about “hyojeong.” Over the past 120 days, it has become evident to me that the term, “hyojeong” best encapsulates the original identity of our nation. The elder son nation is destined to exemplify the highest standard of hyojeong, and it starts with us. Heavenly Parent and True Parents need America, and America needs you!

Having spent nearly three years in Asia, I have come to recognize one of the American movement’s inherent strengths: self-sufficiency at the local level. This strength emanates from your unwavering support for your local communities. Thus, I pose the question: What more can we do now to invigorate our communities further?

True Mother is guiding us into a new era, and with this guidance comes the responsibility to wholeheartedly invest in our younger leaders and members. They are the inheritors of an expanding Cheon Il Guk foundation, so we must support them to feel a sense of ownership and heavenly pride.

Therefore, as we continue to expand our foundation of prayer, I am compelled by a strong sense that our next focus should center on finding ways to increase our giving. I believe this will not only empower our communities but also enable our families to flourish with greater prosperity.

Here is a short video greeting from me to you:

With warm regards and deep appreciation,

Rev. Demian Dunkley
Regional Chair and President