If you missed last Sunday’s sermon, be sure to check it out here:  LINK to Vision 2024 Presentation.

Dear brothers and sisters!

This past weekend the new vision, mission and goals for the year 2024 were presented. Thank you all for your enthusiasm to support our goals, I have no doubt that with all your support and most of all the guidance of Heavenly Parent, we will reach and go beyond our goals for the year.
If you haven’t already, please take time to fill out the commitment form to become an ACES member. I think it is important that, as we start anew with these new goals, this new era, and this new book that we are writing, we all make a clear commitment to be committed members so please sign up even if you feel you’ve been fulfilling the standards for a long time!

Note that after some consideration, the last point of the S for service is a suggested minimum and any amount of time that you can offer is something I and the team are grateful for!  – Pastor Justin