Dear Brothers and Sisters
Deadline for the consent form is Sunday 12/24/2023

On Sunday, Dec 17, the ad-hoc team including pastor Justin who created the new structure proposal presented the plan to the community.

The video of the presentation is available here:

We are asking for anyone who is interested to be included in the decision-making process please to the following:
– Watch the recording of the presentation
– Read over the proposal
– Fill out the consent form by Dec 24th

Especially if you have paramount objections, you can provide recommendations and hit “not consent” on the form. You can also hit “consent” and still provide feedback. If there are paramount objections, the ad Hoc team will collectively review and work to communicate/incorporate those recommendations in the next iteration until we get consent.

Link to the proposal in writing

Consent Form

Thank you!
Pastor Justin and the ad-hoc organization team.