A wonderful memorial service for Dr. Bo Hi Pak was held at Belvedere Training Center on Monday evening (1/14/2019).

Over 50 people attended sharing reflections and celebrating the life of this great man and brother.

Testimonies were shared by a number of people from our community who have had many opportunities to work with Dr. Pak and his family.

Mr. Masahisa Kobayashi shared a number of reflections including working with Dr. Pak in many business ventures as well as Causa.

Steve Honey reflected on Dr. Pak’s work with the Performing Arts department.

Francesco Rondon had many memories from being Dr Pak’s driver and personal assistant for many years.

Charles Patterson told a few stories from behind the scenes highlighting Dr. Pak’s dedication to True Parents and God from times when Dr. Pak was translating of so many of Father’s Sunday sermons at Belvedere, and also during other events where Dr. Pak had a strong relationship with Father’s security staff.

A special testimony came from Kum Hee Fontaine. She helped to care for the Pak family for 12 years before coming work at East Garden where she continued to appreciate Dr. Pak’s love and care.

Many of those present knew Dr. Pak from working in some form of a staff position, and all agreed that he always treated staff as his equal, and saw himself also in the “true servant” position to True Parents and to God’s Will.

Songs were sung and flowers were offered to help send Dr. Pak on his way to continue to serve God and True Parents in spirit.

God bless you Bo Hi Pak.

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The Washington Times ran an article about his life, prepared by former Cheryl Wetzstein, Larry Moffitt, William Selig and Bill Gertz: