by Julia Okamoto

Our ACLC Prayer Luncheon was held on August 7 and this was the first time we were able to met in person since February 29 2020.

Rev. Grodner acted as the as MC and gathered us together at 11:30 am. There were 10 guests and a total of about 45 attending. Some were longtime friends, others were new, and 3 were there for the first time. Others attending were some of our members including 8 young volunteers who helped with the lunch, ushering and taking up the offering.

Because of the pandemic we decided on having a boxed lunch instead of the usual buffet. Praise and worship singing after lunch, lead by Steve Honey, was great and enjoyed by all.

An introductory video of ACLC was shown, which focused a lot on the blessing. A portion of the 1976 speech by Rev. Moon at Yankee Stadium was read by Elder Hawkins. It was an interesting note that Elder Hawkins was actually at Yankee Stadium on that day as he worked there at the time!

Rev. Daryl Clarke gave the main message. He talked about going back in time to help understand more about the time we are living in now, and he gave an overview of the Divine Principle ending by pointing to the blessing as a means to complete the process of salvation.

It was a very well researched and well-presented talk and provoked questions from the participants.

Justin Okamoto was becoming the new local pastor for the Belvedere Family Community so we decided to ask the pastors to pray for him.  Rev. Emily Gabriel conducted this prayer ceremony and all pastors and members in the room prayed over both Justin and his wife. This was a beautiful expression of their spirit and I think the pastors felt great value in being tasked with sharing in this way.

Youth Pastor Stephanie Dias gave a great introduction to YCLC, the Young Christian Leadership Conference, and then we finished the program with a benediction offered by .

Everything went very well. There was a great atmosphere and everyone was blessed by the event.

-Julia Okamoto

Videos of the event are presented below.

Introduction by Rev. Grodner and invocation by Rev. Galvan.

Elder Hawkins reads part of the speech from Yankee Stadium.

Keynote presentation by Rev. Daryl Clarke.

Offering song by Steve Honey accompanied by Rumiko Isaksen.

Anointing of Justin as our new pastor by Rev. Gabriel.

YCLC presentation by Stephanie Dias.

Benediction by Rev. Henry Okureva.