Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Here are some reminders of updates in the community. If you haven’t attended service some of these points may be new to you so please read.
  • New Church Directory available
  • Sunday Service Time Change
  • Finance Report Recording available
  • New Years Ice Skating
  • Midnight Prayer
New Church Directory
The new church directory(phone book) is now available. Please let Akiko Shields ( our bookkeeper know if you want a copy. They cost $3 to cover the cost of printing. They are a great way to stay connected to members in the area.
Sunday Service Time Change
Based on the recent surveys it was decided that we will change the time of our Sunday Service to 10 AM. We will still keep the every other week for the foreseeable future. This allows for people to visit churches on the off weeks as well as enjoy national family service. We will aim to keep the services to an hour so that members can still tune into NFS and we will set it up at Belvedere as well so people can tune in there.
Finance Report Recording
For those that missed it, a finance report was given to the community a couple of weeks ago. To see the recording visit
New Years Ice Skating
We will be continuing the tradition of New Years Ice Skating this year! It will be at the Westchester Skating Academy from 4:20 – 5:50 PM. We are covering the cost of the rink all you have to do is bring $4 to rent your ice skates, or if you have your own pair you can bring them and pay nothing.
Midnight Prayer
We will be conducting a midnight prayer on new years eve at the holy rock. This is a great way to start off the new year with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Hope to see you there.