Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

This Sunday at 11am:

HJ Nuri Children’s Celebration

The Belvedere Community Gathering has an exciting Thanksgiving surprise for you – introducing the very first HJ NURI Gathering! 

HJ Nuri is a youth-led gathering tailored for young children and their parents. It offers an opportunity for the next generation to set the tone of what future Community Gathering could look like.

This gathering will be held on the 26th of November, starting at 11am. This will replace our weekly Sunday Community Gathering. Children from ages 2-8 will be performing a few songs and a play. They bring a different kind of energy, and with that, we hope to bring out a joyful environment for you.

This is the brief schedule of the gathering:

11:00 MC introduces the gathering
11:10 Start off singing some holy songs & children’s songs
11:30 Start the play/skit
11:45 End of play/skit (MC share the lesson of the story)
11:50 Close with a song
12:30 Movie for children

Whether you have children participating or not, we’d like to extend a warm invitation to people of all ages.

After service, we will have a Thanksgiving Potluck lunch. Please prepare your favorite dishes to share with everyone according to your last name below:

Families with last names A-I: Main dish
Families with last names J-P: Side dish
Families with last names Q-Z: Desserts

We hope to see you there!

-Belvedere Community Gathering Team